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How to Find Bali Long Term Rentals

Making the move to Bali in 2020? Then you’re probably going to need somewhere to live. We’re unpacking the Bali long term rental process, Bali-style, to help you find the villa or apartment that meets your needs.

4 Tips for Finding Long Term Rentals in Bali

1. Get a feel for the island.

From a location point of view, how close do you need to be to the action? And how long is it going to take you to commute every day? Depending on the area, the traffic in Bali can make getting places difficult.

The best way to answer these questions and to get a feel for a place is to go see for yourself.

Not able to do the footwork in person beforehand? Here is a quick guide to Bali’s most popular areas:


If you want to be where the action is, then Seminyak is for you. It hits the spot with the biggest range of restaurants and bars, cafes, world-class nightclubs, and extensive shopping.


This surfing haven is the chic new hot spot. It’s got a great village vibe, while still being packed with all the restaurants and shops you would expect. The smart crowd is moving on to “northern” Canggu areas like Pererenan, where you can escape the noise and traffic.


The crazy nightlife, mega malls, beach bums, traffic jams, and beach sellers are all here. If you’re a night owl or digital nomad who thrives on chaos—Kuta is the spot for you.


Uluwatu is where you’ll find glorious villas nestled on cliff-tops, pristine beaches, and a more peaceful lifestyle. Despite a relaxed atmosphere, there are still good restaurants here and a beach club or two.


Ubud is known as the arts, culture, and the rice field capital of Bali. If your dream is to live in a villa surrounded by rice paddies, then you’re dreaming of Ubud.

2. What do you need and what are you willing to pay for it?

Knowing exactly what you can’t live without will make your Balinese home hunting so much smoother. Some solid research can also help you to determine a reasonable budget for your long term rental, too.

If you’re not prepared in advance, the rental journey goes something like this:

Day 1: We only need a one bedroom apartment.

Day 2 and onward: But look at this beautiful three-bedroom with private pool and Canggu beach views. It’s only 120,000,000 rupiah over our budget.

Avoid this trap by setting a clear list of what you do—and don’t—need from your Bali long term rental.

3. Choose the right landlord/leasing company.

There are a lot of companies offering Bali long term rentals. Choose the one that has a reliable track record, a strong review history, and a solid selection of apartments and villas in the areas that you want to live in. The right people can help you negotiate the complicated process of finding your ideal home in Bali.

4. Understand what is (and isn’t) included in the price.

If you’re not accustomed to the expat lifestyle in Bali, you may not be prepared for what you actually get for your budget. Your Bali long-term rental can provide a villa or apartment that also includes housekeeping, gardening, pool cleaning, and amenities like free WiFi and free electricity.

Things to remember

Finding Bali long term rentals is all about shopping around and evaluating your choices. This quick guide will get you started in your journey for accommodation. At The Double View Mansions, we try to simplify the process from start to finish. So, you can enjoy your time in Bali without any hassles.