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Canggu, Bali

Tired of crowded, noisy places? Stay and work at The Double View Mansions in Pererenan, a peaceful area of Canggu that’s only minutes away from the beach. We provide everything you need in one place, from luxury apartments and an onsite coworking space to convenient transportation and poolside dining.

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Hotel Rules:

We’re here to help, so you can enjoy your stay from the moment you land. Here’s how it works:

Check-in is usually at 13:00 or 14:00, while check-out is maximum at 12:00.

If the guest exceeds the check-out limit, the hotel will usually charge a fine or additional fee.

Guests must be willing to sign the register form and submit ID card or ID upon check-in and can be requested again upon check-out.

The maximum capacity of guests is two people for one room, except for two-bedroom type rooms for 3 people, two bedrooms for 4 people, or penthouses that can indeed be filled with more than two people.

If the guest’s capacity exceeds the specified capacity, an additional fee will be charged or an extra bed will be required.

For cancellation of room bookings, a maximum limit will usually be given. If you exceed the specified limit, the DP cannot be refunded, refunded only half, or will even be charged.

When entertaining guests in the room, please do not disturb the peace of the guests in the next room.

Guests are prohibited from making disturbing noises, committing unlawful acts, and carrying liquor and drugs.

It is not allowed to gamble and commit acts that violate the law.

Please contact the front office for storage of valuables and important documents. The hotel is not responsible for loss due to the guest’s negligence, as well as for the vehicle in the event of loss or damage.

Registered guests cannot lend their rooms to others. In case of violation without the knowledge of the hotel owner, the hotel owner reserves the right to evict and charge the costs incurred to the guests.

It is not allowed to use your own power tools in the room except shavers.

It is not allowed to bring smelly and stimulating fruits such as durian, cempedak, jackfruit, etc.

If the mattress is lowered, it will be charged for the extra bed.

No pets (except service animals) are allowed inside the hotel.

Except for designated outdoor smoking areas, the hotel strives to provide a non-smoking environment within the hotel area (including hotel rooms) for all guests.

The Management reserves the right to enter the hotel room at any time for maintenance, security, safety of guests and property, and other purposes.

Guests are not allowed to take home hotel room items or property.

At check-out time, please go through the front office.

Room usage time limit is 13:00, extension to 18:000 is subject to a 50% surcharge, while after 18:00 is subject to full charge.

At certain times, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, the manager may limit the number of people who have access to the hotel or close the hotel or certain parts temporarily.

The Management reserves the right to deny entry, or to require people who have entered to leave the hotel, without refund or compensation, if they do not comply with the rules including not paying the bills owed by their guests.