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Bali Apartments: How to Find the Perfect Place

Bali is a top destination for digital nomads and travelers from countries all over the world. As the jewel of the Indonesian archipelago, this tropical paradise has plenty to offer any westerner looking for a change in culture, and a care-free lifestyle.

If you’re planning on taking an extended trip to Bali for a few weeks or months, you’ll need to find a Bali apartment. There are plenty of places to stay, and most of them are near the beach and local amenities

You need to decide what you want out of your stay on the island. Do you like the adventure of exploring, or do you prefer partying and vibrant nightlife? We unpacked everything you need to know about finding an apartment in Bali.

Finding the Right Bali Apartment: Location, Location, Location

There are several well known areas in Bali. Each of these offer visitors a unique experience of the island.

Seminyak: The Fashion hub of South-East Asia

Seminyak is a young person’s playground, littered with trendy travelers looking to score deals on the latest fashion. The town has plenty of chic restaurants and beach lounges with a stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

The best apartments in Seminyak come with full service, sleek design, and premium finishes, and some might even have a private pool. With fine dining also available in nearby Kerobokan, Seminyak is a hipsters Indonesian paradise.

Canggu: The Alternative Surfer Lifestyle

While Seminyak caters to the trendy jet setters visiting Bali, Canggu is for surfers. This area has cafes scattered on the beachfront, serving healthy organic meals. The beaches have surfers coming in and out of the water, and it’s central location isn’t too far from the legendary lefts of Uluwatu.

There are plenty of apartments available within walking distance to the beach, and prices are more affordable than the same deals in Seminyak. There’s plenty of chic surfer villas and apartments with full service and amenities.

Kuta: The Shopping and Party Lifestyle

For students and people looking to party the evenings away, Kuta offers a club culture and party vibe like no other town in Bali. Spend your day shopping in the mall, and then head to the beach for a sundowner cocktail.

Kuta is probably one of the most loud and exciting areas to stay in while you’re visiting Bali. There’s always something going on and night life is never far away.

Uluwatu: The Surfers Mecca

At the southern tip of Bali, you’ll find the Uluwatu temple. This pristine beach has one of the best surf breaks in the world, with the backdrop of the temple, and the monkeys swinging through the treetops (and occasionally running away with a tourist’s lunch.)

Look out for some great deals on cliff-front villas with gorgeous views. However, while you’re in the middle of paradise, there’s not much else around, since Uluwatu is a bit far from everything. Still, if you’re a surfer, then Uluwatu should be near the top of your list.

Ubud: For Culture and Nature-Lovers

If your idea of living in Bali involves plenty of Yoga and spa sessions, then Ubud is your best option for a spell-binding island experience. Ubud has some spectacular properties surrounding the rice paddies, and canyons, with the rainforest in the background.

Travelers that are looking for an authentic Balinese experience and genuine local hospitality, can consider living in a family home stay.

Wrapping Up: Short Term vs. Long Term Leases

Do you want to visit as many places as you can during your stay? Many places will try to talk you into taking a long-term lease. These can be yearly and can save you some money if you decide to stay in Bali for awhile.

However, if you want to experience the best of Bali, then try to go for a monthly contract. The Double View Mansions offers luxury apartments in Bali with flexible short and long term options in peaceful Pererenan.