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How to Rent Serviced Apartments in Canggu

Accommodation for travelers to Indonesia varies, and in Canggu, you’ll find numerous options to choose from. You could opt for private villas, five-star resorts, or you can choose to stay in a bungalow in the rice fields. However, one of the best options available are Canggu serviced apartments.

These are wonderful for travelers looking for their own comfortable space, but without the costly features found in short term hotels. Without additional amenities, serviced apartments in Canggu are private, expansive, and comfortable. Some have reception desks and also provide all the onsite services you need. These types of rentals are a great option for couples, families, and other small groups. They generally have facilities included such as cleaning services, security, cable TV, swimming pools, and most importantly, a strong internet connection.

Renters can expect to have a kitchenette, dinning room table, and sometimes even an office desk included. The significant advantage of renting serviced apartments for longer periods is that they offer flexible pricing arrangements, unlike hotels that tend to have fixed pricing structures. So how do you find the right accommodation for your stay?

Your Options for Accommodations in Canggu

Finding the right place to stay in Canggu can be somewhat challenging if you’ve never been there before. There are many crowded, popular areas and you may want to be right in the action or far away from it. There are some fantastic beaches for surfing and accommodations that cater to surfer if that’s your thing. Young travelers love these types of places, but you will also find a variety of expats from around the world. The options for areas to stay in include not only the main areas of Canggu, but also up and coming areas like Pererenan where you can also find serviced apartments. There are properties in Pererenan like The Double View Mansions that offer a panoramic view of the ocean beach and lush rice fields.

Tips for Finding the Right Apartments

If you’re searching for serviced apartments to rent in Canggu, the first place to look for accommodations is online. There are many Facebook groups where you could make connections and get suggestions for renting directly from the owner. Airbnb is another good option for finding a place to stay in Bali. Finding accommodations through Airbnb allows you to talk to the owner without middlemen for a fee. This will enable you to bargain the price for longer term stays. For people looking for Canggu apartments online, Airbnb is the easiest solution. Most owners favor this approach for making travelers aware of their offers, however some also have websites so a Google search might help. Expatriates and tourists share lots of information in Facebook online communities, such as the Canggu community group.

Coffee Shops and Word of Mouth

You will also find flyers offering serviced apartment rentals in coffee shops around Canggu. These deals are some of the best because the owners are genuinely looking for tenants to deal with directly. You can also ask around because many people know someone looking to rent out their place or even sublease while they’re out of town. This can be the right approach for getting reasonable accommodations if you’re in the right place at the right time. Most Canggu residents are friendly, helpful, and will go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable.

Getting Apartments through Agencies

Finding Canggu serviced apartments to rent is easier but more pricey if you use the services of agents. They offer listings of accommodations for various budgets. Most favor long-term rentals, but also have short-term leases. Of course, using an agency requires you to pay a commission fee which depends on the both the property and the agency itself. It would help to visit property management companies in person if you can locate a specific place where you would want to stay. Many times, a phone number is listed and you can contact them through WhatsApp.

The area in and around Canggu has emerged as an attractive and popular destination in the last few years. There are lovely beaches and far-flung rice terraces that are sprinkled with excellent accommodations hidden away from the main roads. It also has a vast selection of cafes, restaurants, and shops that will keep you busy for the duration of your stay.

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