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Villa in Bali or Luxury Serviced Apartment?

Villas in Bali seem to be the preferred option for most people. But, is it really the right choice for you? While there are many benefits of renting a villa in Bali, there are also some drawbacks that most people fail to consider. It’s important to consider alternative accommodations such as luxury serviced apartments for your stay. How do Bali villas compare to luxury serviced apartments?

Bali Villas: Pros and Cons


– You get more space since you have the entire place to yourself.

– You have more privacy without other guests around.

– You can customize your living area to whatever suits you.

– Private outdoor areas provide some extra space.

– Villas are more likely to be pet friendly if you have dogs or cats.

– It’s more quiet depending on location because there are no other guests.


– There is no social space to meet others.

– Usually lacking views besides the surrounding walls.

– Lack of on-site services means that you must take care of things or find help by yourself if you need anything.

Bali Luxury Serviced Apartments: Pros and Cons


– 24-hour service means you can receive assistance with whatever you need at anytime, day or night.

– Premium on-site facilities and amenities can include a restaurant, a gym, and a larger swimming pool.

– Social meeting places like the restaurant and pool areas allow you to meet and mingle with other guests.

– Luxury apartment complexes provide more security both inside and outside of the premises.

– You can enjoy nice views from your windows and balconies especially from higher floors.

– Daily housekeeping service will keep your place clean and provide fresh linens.


– Less privacy than a villa because there are other guests around.

– Have to share spaces with other people like the pool and outdoor areas.

– Apartments have a standard configuration, so you cannot make too many changes inside the rooms or customize things.

How to Choose

What are the most important factors for you personally? Is it size, privacy, social aspects, amenities, services, views, or something else? Luxury serviced apartments can be a convenient living option because everything is already provided and taken care of for you. And if you want some nice views of the ocean or nature, then you need to stay on a higher floor which villas in Bali usually cannot provide. If meeting fellow neighbors and 24-hour service are your top priorities, then booking a luxury serviced apartment such as the Double View Mansions is an easy choice.