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Why Rent Luxury Apartments in Canggu

Canggu has become popular with tourists and expats in Bali. The beaches and blue skies attract more than just surfers these days. So, whether you’re looking to stay for a week or a month, you will need to consider all of the factors between renting villas or luxury apartments in Canggu.

8 Reasons to Rent Luxury Apartments in Canggu

  1. Access to 24-hour services.

During your stay, you may need access to services from the reception at any time of the day or night. Renting a luxury serviced apartment in Canggu provides you with 24-hour access to these services with just a call from your room. When things break or something goes wrong, it’s good to know that you can get help at any time of the day. Avoid having an emergency and no one to call.

  1. Access to premium on-site facilities and amenities.

Luxury apartments are fitted with premium on-site amenities and facilities. These can include a spacious pool, gym, and on-site restaurant. So, you have everything you need in one place. With a villa, you may just get a small pool. After a long day at the beach, sometimes you just want to stay in your room.

  1. Social meeting places.

Apartment complexes offer social places to interact with others. You can meet interesting people at the pool and at the restaurant. In villas, you are basically on your own. So, if you like to mingle with other people and make new friends, then a luxury apartment in Bali is the right choice for you.

  1. Security 24 hours a day.

Luxury accommodations are sure to include security guards on the premises both day and night. So, you can take comfort in knowing that you and your belongings are safe.

  1. Daily housekeeping services.

Go out to breakfast or lunch and come back to a clean apartment. So, you get to enjoy fresh towels and linens everyday. They can also include laundry services for clothes to make your life even easier.

  1. Amazing views of the landscape and sunsets.

Luxury apartments in Bali provide beautiful views from your balcony and windows. To really enjoy a Bali sunset, it’s best to be on a higher floor looking down from above. In a typical villa, you’re usually stuck looking at the surrounding walls.

  1. Poolside drinks & dining.

Sit at the pool and take in the sun while sipping a cocktail. You can receive food and drink service without even getting up from your sunbed. This type of service just isn’t an option with a villa.

  1. More flexible leasing options.

In Bali, many villas require payment for an entire year upfront. Most Canggu luxury apartments can be reserved on a monthly basis. So, if your plans change then you won’t lose one year’s worth of rent.

How to choose the best accommodation in Canggu

When booking a place to stay in Bali, you need to consider various factors that are important to you like size, social aspects, services, amenities, and privacy. The Double View Mansions offers a luxury living experience with its serviced apartments in Pererenan, a tranquil part of Canggu.